Perfecting the dog’s skills

This class focuses on teaching your dog advanced obedience skills. This helps your dog achieve the best level of discipline. The people around you will be wowed by how well-mannered your dog is!

Your dog will learn to stay in the exact spot you tell them to while you are out of their sight.

Your dog will learn to recall in two positions

  1. Sitting directly in front of you
  2. Sitting at your left side

A finish is when the dog is coming directly at you and when they get to you they spin their rear end around to the left until they are aligned at your side in the heel position.

Your dog will learn to retrieve a dumbbell and finish either directly in front of you or in heel position.

Your dog will learn to retrieve an object on command in whatever direction you send them.

Man Walking With A Malinois Dog In Training. Belgian Sheepdog Or

Let’s Get Started!

Our dogs bring us happiness, companionship, and a sense of pride. But when our dog continually disobeys us or exhibits behavioral issues, dealing with them can be frustrating and stressful. Love is an action, and it is our responsibility as dog owners to train our furry friends and get the best out of them! Contact BCL Dog Training today to get your dog trained by the best! Email us at or give us a call at (909) 763-1788.

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